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PT Novo Complast Indonesia, a 100% PMA Company incorporated under the Indonesian Laws, established late 2011 in Tangerang, Indonesia ( 30km from Jakarta Capital) . We are pioneering company bringing innovative products with state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing very latest ( U) HM-HDPE XL-Ring Drums of 220 / 235 liters and 1000 liters GNX IBC. With our exhaustive product range, we can meet the most diverse packaging needs of the users from 120 liters to 1000 liters cap. Please find as attached our brochures for your perusal.

P.T. Novo Complast Indonesia is part of a multinational group, Time Technoplast Limited having manufacturing units across the globe situated in the close proximity of our valued customers, viz. India, China, Bahrain, UAE, Thailand, Taiwan. We are also start new manufacturing facilities at South Korea, Egypt, Malaysia and Vietnam.

PT Novo Complast brings you TechPack® & GNX® - The outcome of decade of experience and technological perfection honed over the years in different geographical locations. We offer you the world’ s most popular and globally accepted designs at your doorstep and promise to update you with the latest packaging products continually. Use of high quality prime virgin ( ULTRA) HM-HDPE ensures better mechanical properties, exceptional environmental stress crack resistance and guarantees leak proof performance even under most adverse handling conditions. These industrial packaging products are practically inert to most dangerous, corrosive and hazardous chemicals.

Time Tech Packaging Products have already been widely established and accepted in the industry since decades for packaging and supplying of specialty chemicals, construction chemicals, FMCGs, Paints & Inks, Pharmaceuticals, Food grades products, Dye intermediates, etc. The features have been greatly appreciated by the users. Our customer list reads " who-is-who " in the industry. Some of our major customers are BASF Chemicals, Huntsman, Ecolab, Clariant, Total Oil, DOW Chemicals and Lanxess.

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